This product has been discontinued

“The Stand” is a fully adjustable speaker support system designed to work with nearly all manufacturers’ nearfield monitors weighing up to approximately 80 lbs., including Blue Sky’s SAT 8, SAT 6.5 and SAT 5 monitors. Thanks to its unique and patented leg assembly, “The Stand” is easily adjustable, without any tools, from 33.5″ to 45.5″ in 3/4″ increments (from the ground to the top of the mounting plate). “The Stand” weighs 25 lbs. and features an ultra stable, four-leg, 30″ diameter, cast iron base. For end users wanting to aim the speakers in the vertical plane, the bracket allows angle adjustment of +/- 20 degrees, as well as horizontal adjustment of a full 360 degrees.

“The Stand” is compatible with Blue Sky’s SAT 8, SAT 6.5 and SAT 5 monitors using the standard bolt pattern on the main mounting plate, and for those near-field monitors that do not come with standard mounting patterns on the bottom, the optional “Universal Accessory Kit” is offered. “The Stand” base includes four 1/4″ x 20 threaded inserts for optional spiked feet and the entire stand is finished in high quality chrome and black paint.