This product has been discontinued

Blue Sky’s SAT 8 is a three way, tri-amplified, 300-Watt, compact mid-field monitor which features an 8” high excursion hemispherical woofer, an ultra low distortion 4” hemispherical midrange driver, and a 1” dual ring radiator tweeter with integral waveguide, for superior off-axis response. To reduce destructive cabinet diffraction reflections, Blue Sky has developed and incorporated into the baffle, the proprietary “Multi-Aperture Acoustic Diffraction Absorber”, which helps to maintain smooth on and off axis frequency response throughout the critical MF and HF frequency range, without the need for a large wave-guide or horn.

The SAT 8 is powered by a dedicated low distortion 100-Watt amplifier for the 8” woofer, a low distortion 100-Watt amplifier for the midrange, and a low distortion 100-Watt amplifier for the tweeter. The SAT 8 effortlessly delivers clean and accurate sound with a frequency response of 80Hz to 30kHz +/-3.0dB (200Hz to 15kHz +/-1.5dB), for full compatibility with Blue Sky’s SUB 15 Universal, SUB 212, SUB 12 and BMC (Bass Management Controller). The rear panel also has controls for “full space” (placement in a room) or “half space” (mounted in a baffle wall) operation, along with individual HF, MF and LF level trims, as well as controls for variable gain settings.