This product has been discontinued

A MediaDesk MKII 5.1 system is designed for desktop music and audio production using computers and digital audio workstations. The compact satellite speakers fit easily alongside a CRT monitor screen, and are magnetically shielded to avoid image distortion. The subwoofer can be placed under the desk, with the level variable for accurate low end response. MediaDesk excels in a variety of applications including music composition, project studio recording and audio editing.

WALL MOUNT OPTION: The MediaDesk SAT is compatible with two types of wall mount brackets. The first mounting option is via the 2 1/4 X 20 inserts on the back of the MediaDesk SAT. These inserts are compatible with BT Technologies BT-5 Brackets ( It is also compatible with OmiMounts 10W/C Series, via the 3/8” X 16 insert in the bottom of the cabinet ( For more details on these mounting inserts please see page 18 [Satellite Cabinet Dimensions].