This product has been discontinued

The THX pm3™ Approved SUB 15 Universal, is a sealed box subwoofer, designed around a 15” forward-firing driver with a massive cast aluminum frame, dual 2.5” voice coils – which has almost 2.36” of excursion (peak to peak) and features an enormous 20+ Lbs. motor structure – total driver weight 36 Lbs. One of the SUB 15 Universal’s unique features is a switchable low frequency response characteristic, of either 30Hz to 200Hz +/-3dB or, in “extended LF mode”, 20Hz to 200Hz +/-3dB (anechoic). The extended mode is ideal for large rooms that don’t exhibit the room gain phenomenon of smaller sealed spaces. In addition, the SUB 15 Universal also has built-in 2.1 bass management electronics with both a 4th order 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filter and a 2nd order 80Hz high-pass filter that is compatible with the SAT 12’s bass-managed input and is also compatible with the I/ON, SAT 6.5 and SAT 5.

The SUB 15 Universal is also the second subwoofer from Blue Sky which allows you to add true low frequency extension to your existing nearfield and mid-field monitors. To accomplish this, the SUB 15 Universal includes dualindependently tunable, state variable, high pass and low pass filters (50hz to 160Hz) with 4th order slopes.