This product has been discontinued

Blue Sky’s Bass Management Controller is designed to offer full bass management, calibration and remote volume control in a convenient, easy to use package. Designed for professional applications, such as surround music or post production, the Blue Sky BMC features fully balanced inputs and outputs, along with ultra high-quality audio components. The BMC can be combined with Sky System One, ProDesk or a Big Blue system to create a world class multi-channel studio monitoring system. Because the BMC utilizes industry standard bass management circuitry, it is also compatible with many other studio monitors.

The Blue Sky BMC MK III continues this lineage and philosophy of high value and superior performance products. Designed for use with 5.1 channel monitoring systems (and beyond!), the Blue Sky BMC MK III allows for complete control of all monitoring system parameters from a single, easy-to-use, remote control.

The Blue Sky BMC MK III eliminates the many variables of putting together a reliable, easy to calibrate 5.1 monitoring system, allowing the user to monitor with confidence!

Updated / New Features

  • A redesigned remote, with additional indicator LED’s and controls
  • New input solo mode, which includes allowing the user to solo multiple channels at the same time.
  • LFE trim: in additional to the previous 0dB and +10dB settings, there is now an additional fine adjust trim range of +/- 2dB. This is particularly useful for users that are trying to perfectly match the LFE level in a small bass-managed monitoring studio to a larger dubbing stage or cinema.
  • -3dB “film” surround offset, which drops the input level of the left and right surround channels -3dB relative to the other channels, to match standard SMPTE cinema calibration practices.
  • The ability to turn off bass-management just for the surround channels. This limits their response to 80Hz, to better mimic the ‘typical’ cinema surround channel playback speakers, which are often not full-range.
  • 4 presets, which include the following factory default settings:
    • Standard “Blue Sky LFE +10”
    • Film Surround -3dB
    • 6 Channel Volume Control
    • Film + Small Surround
  • Each of the above settings can be renamed or customized, can include their calibration levels, etc.
  • Additionally, the performance of the BMC MK III electronics has been greatly improved and now features a signal to noise ratio of >120dB. Output Noise has also been reduce to at -100dB (-90dB for the SUB out).