This product has been discontinued

The Blue Sky SUB 12 was specifically designed to complement the SAT 6.5 and SAT 6.5 MK II Satellite speakers. Featuring a cast aluminum frame, 12″ forward-firing driver with 2″ voice coil, the SUB 12 has a dedicated 200-watt amplifier with a frequency response of 30 Hz- 200 Hz +/– 3 dB (anechoic) and a typical response of 20Hz to 200Hz (3000 Cubic Foot Room). In addition, the SUB 12 has a built-in 2.1 bass management system with a 4th order, 80 Hz Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filter and 2nd order 80Hz high pass filter for the satellite. Rear panel functions include: Right/Left In and Out; SUB In and Out (for connecting multiple subwoofers); Mute and Phase switches; SUB Gain & Power LED; Power switch; and Slo-Blo Fuse. Measuring 18″H x 15″W x 20″D and weighing 62 lbs., the SUB 12 features MDF construction with four recessed 1/4″ x 20 threaded inserts for either spiked or rubber feet.

The SUB 12 is also fully compatible with Blue Sky’s I/ON, SAT 5 / SAT 5 MKII and SAT 12*. Additionally the SUB 12 is compatible with any THX pm3 approved nearfield monitor.