This product has been discontinued

EXO2 is an evolution of the original EXO stereo monitoring system. As with the original EXO, it combines true, full range monitoring with the convenience of a desktop remote control hub. Additional features include a new tweeter, midrange driver and crossover in each satellite. A new and improved Class D subwoofer amplifier doubles the power of the original eXo at 1/10% distortion. Also the subwoofer cabinet is smaller, a 9″ cube to better integrate into the most compact work spaces. A redesigned preamp/hub now has a detachable cable. However, in order to allow the subwoofer to more easily integrate into even the most compact workspace, the EXO sub has been greatly reduced in size. The original EXO sub was approximately a 14” cube, the new SUB is much smaller (10”H x 9”W x 11”D) and yet still has much the same performance of the original EXO system.