This product has been discontinued

Blue Sky’s entry level 2.1 system – MediaDesk MKII delivers accurate, full-range monitoring to the desktop and is optimized for computer-driven audio recording and production. MediaDesk 2.1 MKII incorporates two ultra-compact 60-Watt powered 2-way satellite speakers, each featuring a high-quality 4″ cast frame Neodymium hemispherical driver and a 25mm small format dual ring radiator Neodymium tweeter, complemented by a dedicated 60-Watt 8″ powered subwoofer with bass management System. Subwoofer and master volume controls are located on the back of the sub, and are essential for optimizing its level and assuring seamless summation with the satellites.

WALL MOUNT OPTION: The MediaDesk SAT is compatible with two types of wall mount brackets. The first mounting option is via the 2 1/4 X 20 inserts on the back of the MediaDesk SAT. These inserts are compatible with B-TECH  BT-5 Brackets ( It is also compatible with OmniMounts 10W/C Series, via the 3/8” X 16 insert in the bottom of the cabinet ( For more details on these mounting inserts please see page 18 [Satellite Cabinet Dimensions].