Powered Subwoofers


SUB 12D new

12 Powered Woofer

The Sub 12D is designed and assembled in the USA. The Sub 12D features both XLR Analog inputs and AES/ EBU Digital inputs. The Sub 12D will automatically switch to Digital if both Analog and Digital inputs are connected. In addition, Digital pass thru and Digital Stereo L/R selector switches are...  More


SUB 15 Universal

15″ Powered Woofer

This product has been discontinued

The THX pm3™ Approved SUB 15 Universal, is a sealed box subwoofer, designed around a 15” forward-firing driver with a massive cast aluminum frame, dual 2.5” voice coils - which has almost 2.36” of excursion (peak to peak) and features an enormous 20+ Lbs. motor...  More



SUB 212

Dual 12″ Powered Woofers

This product has been discontinued
Blue Sky’s SUB 212 is a sealed box, dual 12”, push-pull, 400-Watt subwoofer. It features an anechoic frequency response of 25Hz to 200Hz, +/-3dB. In addition, the SUB 212 also has built-in 2.1 bass management electronics with both a 4th order 80Hz Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filter...  More


SUB 12

12″ Powered Woofer

This product has been discontinued

The Blue Sky SUB 12 was specifically designed to complement the SAT 6.5 and SAT 6.5 MK II Satellite speakers. Featuring a cast aluminum frame, 12" forward-firing driver with 2" voice coil, the SUB 12 has a dedicated 200-watt amplifier with a frequency response of...  More




8″ Woofer and fixed or adjustable crossover

This product has been discontinued

The Blue Sky | SUB 8 MKIII allows you to add this type of true low frequency extension to your existing nearfield monitors.

In addition the SUB 8 MKIII, combined with Blue Sky’s SAT 5 MKIII, forms the highly acclaimed and award winning ProDesk™ MKIII Monitoring...  More