This product has been discontinued

In professional applications such as video post, ProDesk™ MKIII is the first truly full-range 5.1 monitoring system specifically designed for critical mixing and monitoring on the desktop. ProDesk™ brings the desktop user the same spectral performance as the larger Blue Sky systems, with the only compromise being less output.

The bass management for a 5.1 system is incorporated within Blue Sky’s Bass Management Controller (BMC) MKIII, which also provides calibration and level control. Additionally, two BMC’s can be combined to expand a ProDesk MKIII 5.1 system, all the way up to 10.2 channels of audio.

A ProDesk™ MKIII 5.1 system is designed for use in professional desktop music and audio production applications using computers and digital audio workstations, including audio editing, film, video and broadcast post production. Because of the many variables associated with room acoustics, independent subwoofer and satellite level controls are provided. These allow the user to adjust the level of the sats and sub to achieve seamless full-range response, from below 30Hz to beyond 20kHz.

Wall Mount Options

The SAT 5 MK III is compatible with OmiMount® 30 Series brackets, via the M6 X 12 inserts located in the bottom of the cabinet. The OmniMount® type 30 brackets are designed to support up to 30 pounds of weight when properly installed. Please visit www. for more information, including detailed mounting instructions.