Chris and Ryan

Stonewall Studio: Suburban Garage Transformed Into Showcase Studio With Blue Sky

Featuring Blue Sky’s Sky System One 2.1…

Profiled in MIX magazine’s “Class of 2011” this past June, Stonewall Studio is a private-use studio in Cantonment, FL (just north of Pensacola) owned by engineer Chris Myers. Designed by Jeff Hedback of HDAcoustics, the 450sf garage-turned-studio features four rooms and a NE...  More



Mac|Life magazine Gives Blue Sky’s EXO2 a 4 (out of 5) Rating!

“Good, balanced sound quality. Desktop Controller for easy level tweaks. Surprisingly loud.”

"...The EXO2 pushes out pure and unaltered sound, and the small preamp (which fits comfortably on even the most cramped desks) has two knobs to adjust gain and sub volume. Fully cranked, the speakers are plenty loud and perfectly clear—an unquestionable requirement of studio monitors."

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Light Iron: Post-Production Innovators Pave The Way From Film To Files In Theatre & TV

Providing solutions that enhance the creative process.

Increasingly cinematography in digital cinema and television is shifting toward a “tapeless” world, whereby file-based and data-centric acquisitions are the medium of choice. Founded in 2009, Light Iron designs and implements innovative post-production solutions that enhance the creative process. Many of these solutions include removing the traditional “brick...  More


Ubisoft Montreal: Creating Cutting-Edge Interactive Gaming Products

The newly constructed UBISOFT audio room sports a 7.1 Blue Sky Pro Desk MKIII system.

Ubisoft Entertainment is a leading international producer, publisher and distributor of cutting-edge interactive entertainment products. Ubisoft Montreal opened its doors in 1997 and has since grown into one of the largest studios in the world, producing titles such as the wildly successful Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and...  More



Rick Larson: Television Audio Visionary In The Heart of Hollywood

From his early days in the ‘70s at television sound pioneer…

Next time you tune into any one of the top-rated network television or cable shows—from NCIS: Los Angeles and Weeds, to Wipe Out and Celebrity Apprentice, and a whole lot of other drama, comedy, reality and game/variety productions in between— there’s a good chance they were mixed in one of...  More



Group One Centralizes Blue Sky Product Inventory & Service Functions Into Las Vegas Warehouse

Combining efforts with Thermal Relief Design, Inc., Group One made the move to consolidate its Blue Sky line with Marra’s outfit, which also handles the Group One-distributed MC2 amplifier service for the U.S.

Group One Ltd. is pleased to announce the centralization of its Blue Sky professional monitoring systems’ product inventory, parts and customer service functions into a new Las Vegas location. Combining efforts with Tony Marra of Thermal Relief Design, Inc., Group One president, Jack Kelly made...  More