Composer Mick Baumeister: Creating Music for German network TV & Film

“The [Blue Sky] system is relentlessly honest…

Over the last 25 years, German film composer Mick Baumeister has created music for over 400 films, prime-time TV series—working mainly in the genre of psychological thrillers, crime series, and dramas. His clientele consists of German TV broadcasters, including ARD, ZDF, SAT 1, Pro7 and many others....  More



Canadian Musician Magazine Reviews EXO2

“Anybody used to full-range nearfield monitoring set-ups with only the LFE channel or the very bottom of the bass routed to the sub should be prepared for a surprise. A 2.1 satellite system with a fixed 140 Hz crossover is a very different experience, ergonomically as much as sonically… once I found the right placement and levels, I was surprised at how good it could sound, I used the EXO2 to complete a mix that I’d started on other monitors, my finished result translated nicely when played back on other systems. And used as room speakers for music listening, it’s worth noting that these outclass any bookshelf speakers I’ve ever heard.”

Prosumer. The term has been well-seated in the lexicon of audio gear for over a decade. To some, it connotes knock-offs of serious hardware and carefully worded spec sheets; to others, it represents a sweet spot on the price/feature spectrum, just the right place for the project-level enthusiast to...  More



Web-Based Comedic Variety Show Debuts On Lexus Online Portal

Engineer Gussie Miller Monitors Music Cues & Mixes Using Blue Sky 2.1 Sky System One

The web has become a fantastic repository for all things creative online, and luxury auto innovator, Lexus, has developed its own L-Studio.com portal to showcase smart and original work from the worlds of art, culture, design, science, entertainment, architecture and beyond. Slated for airing soon on the site...  More



Blue Sky-outfitted 5.1 VIP Screening Truck Makes Maiden Voyage On ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” Tour

First Of A Kind Command Center/VIP Conference & Screening Room Showcases Blue Sky 5.1 Media Desk

Production vehicle fabricator Pure Command unveiled its new “Epic” truck at the start of the "Monday Night Football" season this past September. The resurrected and recycled the former 53” double-expandable NMT mobile truck—that served as the CBS golf truck for many years—will serve as...  More


Picture Head Sound 7-B

Picture Head: Everything Post Under One Hat In The Heart of Hollywood

Picture Head’s completed ‘Sound 7’ 5.1 mix room/sound stage centers around marquee technology including a Blue Sky Big Blue 5.1 system.

As one of the leading post-production facilities, Picture Head has offered a full scope of creative solutions for the audio/video, film, television and new media industries since opening its Hollywood headquarters in 2000. For a decade, they’ve provided full-service finishing and supervision in the...  More



New Exo2 Stereo Monitoring System scores 4.5 mice (out of 5) from Macworld!

“The Exo2 2.1 is a solid-sounding desktop speaker system.”

Blue Sky Exo2 Stereo Monitoring System
By Christopher Breen, Macworld.com - August 31, 2010

Blue Sky International maker of a number of of professional 2.1 and 5.1 speaker systems, recently released the $500 Exo2 stereo monitor system—an update to the company's popular eXo 2.1 system, which was released in 2007....  More


Screen shot 2010-06-22 at 12.03.26 PM

REVIEW: Grumpy Quail Blog “Highly Recommends” 265/212

Respected Review Site Chooses Blue Sky

It's amazing the things we assume as common knowledge these days.  For example, we all know the earth is round.  And the moon isn't made of cheese.  But did you know that you can actually own products and technology specifically designed for and used by...  More



REVIEW: Sound On Sound on Sat 8 & Sub 212

If you demand brutal and revealing precision from your monitors, read on…

By Mike Senior

The working title for this new full-range 2.1 monitor system from Blue Sky was the Mid Blue, because it plugs the gap in their product line between the Sky System One and their flagship Big Blue. It comprises two Sat 8 three-way active satellites and a...  More



Tom Salta Reinvents A Career: From Music Programming & Producing To Multimedia

Salta installs a Sky System One.

Career reinvention can be a tricky business move, but for Tom Salta, the transformation from programmer/producer to award-winning composer for film, television, advertising and video games has been rewarding, lucrative and extensive… to say the least.

Combining his expertise in programming and mixing hit records with a diverse...  More



Larson Studios: Award-Winning Post-Production In The Heart of Hollywood

Featuring the latest Blue Sky systems.

Housed in two 10,000 square-foot landmark buildings in the heart of Hollywood, Larson Studios features two ADR/Foley stages, six edit suites, and six theater-style 5.1 or 7.1 surround mix stages all utilizing the latest Pro Tools HD Accel technology and Blue Sky monitoring systems. Larson employs nearly a...  More



New Hat Transforms DI Suite Into 5.1 Theatre

Santa Monica’s New Hat installs multiple Blue Sky systems.

Santa Monica's New Hat is a post-production/color correction facility comprised of post veterans—Darby Walker and Bob Festa—specializing in commercials and music videos. Recently, the 2-year-old company began branching out into feature film work, and they made the decision to enlarge one of five traditional color suites into a...  More



ProDesk™ Featured on The Daily Show

Cameras Catch Blue Sky Monitors in Edit Bay

One of the Blue Sky ProDesk 5.1 Systems used in the production of Comedy Central's The Daily Show was clearly visible during Episode 2 of Season 15. The skit, which played 8:30 into the show, as originally aired on January 5, 2010.

Watch the entire episode at:



Ninja Theory Connects With Blue Sky Monitors

Mercenary Gaming Audio For The Next Generation

Ninja Theory Ltd. are a UK-based video game development team whose modus operandi is that ‘the next-generation of gaming consoles offer an opportunity to elevate the games experience into one that can rival film and literature and was one of the first development studios to commit exclusively to next-generation consoles.’