Blue Sky’s AMC Makes Every Studio a Sunny Space for Douglas Murray

Busy sound editor, designer and mixer using Audio Management Controller to optimize his nearfield monitor system in different post-production environments.

LOS ANGELES - March 2017 -- It’s not unusual for motion picture sound editors and sound designers to move into temporary facilities during post production, often working in acoustically challenging rooms. To optimize his 5.1 monitor system as he moves from one location to the next, freelance supervising sound editor,...  More


Barry Weir Jr. Streamlines Workflow With Blue Sky’s AMC

New Audio Managemet Controller optimizes nearfield monitoring system performance regardless of the studio space, channel configuration and speaker brand utilized.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California - April 2016 -- Barry S. Weir Jr., a re-recording mixer and sound designer with Hollywood-based post production powerhouse Levels Audio, works on a wide variety of projects in any given week, requiring him to frequently switch between nearfield monitor speaker configurations and calibration modes. In late...  More

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Recording: Videogame Sound Designer Gregory Allen Turns To Blue Sky Monitoring System

Gregory Allen, an award-winning composer, senior sound designer and director with more than 25 years of experience in the fields of game audio and cinematics.

Gregory Allen, an award-winning composer, senior sound designer and director with more than 25 years of experience in the fields of game audio and cinematics, feature trailers, television and motion picture marketing, has installed the latest generation Blue Sky 5.1 monitoring system—the Star System One—at his personal studio in...  More


Blue Sky Launches Star System One 2.1 at NAMM 2014

New monitoring system features Sub 12D powered sub and two Sat 6D satellites

ANAHEIM, California - January 23, 2014 - NAMM booth #6824 (Group One Ltd.) -- Blue Sky is proud to announce the worldwide debut of its newest monitoring solution, the Star System One 2.1, comprised of a single Sub 12D digital powered subwoofer and two Sat 6D digital...  More


Creating Visuals For Cinema & Commercial Clientele, Reel FX Builds A New 3D Screening Room At So-Cal Locale

State-of-the-Art Video Room Matches Visuals With Hi-End Audio & Blue Sky Component Arsenal

Founded in 1993, Reel FX is an award-winning creative studio with locations in Dallas, TX and Santa Monica, CA, specializing in animation, visual effects, motion, audio and editorial for long- and short-form projects. Over the past two years, Reel FX has garnered multiple silver...  More


Chris and Ryan

Stonewall Studio: Suburban Garage Transformed Into Showcase Studio With Blue Sky

Featuring Blue Sky’s Sky System One 2.1…

Profiled in MIX magazine’s “Class of 2011” this past June, Stonewall Studio is a private-use studio in Cantonment, FL (just north of Pensacola) owned by engineer Chris Myers. Designed by Jeff Hedback of HDAcoustics, the 450sf garage-turned-studio features four rooms and a NE...  More



Mac|Life magazine Gives Blue Sky’s EXO2 a 4 (out of 5) Rating!

“Good, balanced sound quality. Desktop Controller for easy level tweaks. Surprisingly loud.”

"...The EXO2 pushes out pure and unaltered sound, and the small preamp (which fits comfortably on even the most cramped desks) has two knobs to adjust gain and sub volume. Fully cranked, the speakers are plenty loud and perfectly clear—an unquestionable requirement of studio monitors."

Read...  More



Light Iron: Post-Production Innovators Pave The Way From Film To Files In Theatre & TV

Providing solutions that enhance the creative process.

Increasingly cinematography in digital cinema and television is shifting toward a “tapeless” world, whereby file-based and data-centric acquisitions are the medium of choice. Founded in 2009, Light Iron designs and implements innovative post-production solutions that enhance the creative process. Many of these solutions include removing the traditional “brick...  More


Ubisoft Montreal: Creating Cutting-Edge Interactive Gaming Products

The newly constructed UBISOFT audio room sports a 7.1 Blue Sky Pro Desk MKIII system.

Ubisoft Entertainment is a leading international producer, publisher and distributor of cutting-edge interactive entertainment products. Ubisoft Montreal opened its doors in 1997 and has since grown into one of the largest studios in the world, producing titles such as the wildly successful Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and...  More



Rick Larson: Television Audio Visionary In The Heart of Hollywood

From his early days in the ‘70s at television sound pioneer…

Next time you tune into any one of the top-rated network television or cable shows—from NCIS: Los Angeles and Weeds, to Wipe Out and Celebrity Apprentice, and a whole lot of other drama, comedy, reality and game/variety productions in between— there’s a good chance they were mixed in one of...  More



Group One Centralizes Blue Sky Product Inventory & Service Functions Into Las Vegas Warehouse

Combining efforts with Thermal Relief Design, Inc., Group One made the move to consolidate its Blue Sky line with Marra’s outfit, which also handles the Group One-distributed MC2 amplifier service for the U.S.

Group One Ltd. is pleased to announce the centralization of its Blue Sky professional monitoring systems’ product inventory, parts and customer service functions into a new Las Vegas location. Combining efforts with Tony Marra of Thermal Relief Design, Inc., Group One president, Jack Kelly made...  More



Composer Mick Baumeister: Creating Music for German network TV & Film

“The [Blue Sky] system is relentlessly honest…

Over the last 25 years, German film composer Mick Baumeister has created music for over 400 films, prime-time TV series—working mainly in the genre of psychological thrillers, crime series, and dramas. His clientele consists of German TV broadcasters, including ARD, ZDF, SAT 1, Pro7 and many others....  More



Canadian Musician Magazine Reviews EXO2

“Anybody used to full-range nearfield monitoring set-ups with only the LFE channel or the very bottom of the bass routed to the sub should be prepared for a surprise. A 2.1 satellite system with a fixed 140 Hz crossover is a very different experience, ergonomically as much as sonically… once I found the right placement and levels, I was surprised at how good it could sound, I used the EXO2 to complete a mix that I’d started on other monitors, my finished result translated nicely when played back on other systems. And used as room speakers for music listening, it’s worth noting that these outclass any bookshelf speakers I’ve ever heard.”

Prosumer. The term has been well-seated in the lexicon of audio gear for over a decade. To some, it connotes knock-offs of serious hardware and carefully worded spec sheets; to others, it represents a sweet spot on the price/feature spectrum, just the right place for the project-level enthusiast to...  More



Web-Based Comedic Variety Show Debuts On Lexus Online Portal

Engineer Gussie Miller Monitors Music Cues & Mixes Using Blue Sky 2.1 Sky System One

The web has become a fantastic repository for all things creative online, and luxury auto innovator, Lexus, has developed its own portal to showcase smart and original work from the worlds of art, culture, design, science, entertainment, architecture and beyond. Slated for airing soon on the site...  More



Blue Sky-outfitted 5.1 VIP Screening Truck Makes Maiden Voyage On ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” Tour

First Of A Kind Command Center/VIP Conference & Screening Room Showcases Blue Sky 5.1 Media Desk

Production vehicle fabricator Pure Command unveiled its new “Epic” truck at the start of the "Monday Night Football" season this past September. The resurrected and recycled the former 53” double-expandable NMT mobile truck—that served as the CBS golf truck for many years—will serve as...  More


Picture Head Sound 7-B

Picture Head: Everything Post Under One Hat In The Heart of Hollywood

Picture Head’s completed ‘Sound 7’ 5.1 mix room/sound stage centers around marquee technology including a Blue Sky Big Blue 5.1 system.

As one of the leading post-production facilities, Picture Head has offered a full scope of creative solutions for the audio/video, film, television and new media industries since opening its Hollywood headquarters in 2000. For a decade, they’ve provided full-service finishing and supervision in the...  More



New Exo2 Stereo Monitoring System scores 4.5 mice (out of 5) from Macworld!

“The Exo2 2.1 is a solid-sounding desktop speaker system.”

Blue Sky Exo2 Stereo Monitoring System
By Christopher Breen, - August 31, 2010

Blue Sky International maker of a number of of professional 2.1 and 5.1 speaker systems, recently released the $500 Exo2 stereo monitor system—an update to the company's popular eXo 2.1 system, which was released in 2007....  More


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REVIEW: Grumpy Quail Blog “Highly Recommends” 265/212

Respected Review Site Chooses Blue Sky

It's amazing the things we assume as common knowledge these days.  For example, we all know the earth is round.  And the moon isn't made of cheese.  But did you know that you can actually own products and technology specifically designed for and used by...  More



REVIEW: Sound On Sound on Sat 8 & Sub 212

If you demand brutal and revealing precision from your monitors, read on…

By Mike Senior

The working title for this new full-range 2.1 monitor system from Blue Sky was the Mid Blue, because it plugs the gap in their product line between the Sky System One and their flagship Big Blue. It comprises two Sat 8 three-way active satellites and a...  More



Tom Salta Reinvents A Career: From Music Programming & Producing To Multimedia

Salta installs a Sky System One.

Career reinvention can be a tricky business move, but for Tom Salta, the transformation from programmer/producer to award-winning composer for film, television, advertising and video games has been rewarding, lucrative and extensive… to say the least.

Combining his expertise in programming and mixing hit records with a diverse...  More



Larson Studios: Award-Winning Post-Production In The Heart of Hollywood

Featuring the latest Blue Sky systems.

Housed in two 10,000 square-foot landmark buildings in the heart of Hollywood, Larson Studios features two ADR/Foley stages, six edit suites, and six theater-style 5.1 or 7.1 surround mix stages all utilizing the latest Pro Tools HD Accel technology and Blue Sky monitoring systems. Larson employs nearly a...  More



New Hat Transforms DI Suite Into 5.1 Theatre

Santa Monica’s New Hat installs multiple Blue Sky systems.

Santa Monica's New Hat is a post-production/color correction facility comprised of post veterans—Darby Walker and Bob Festa—specializing in commercials and music videos. Recently, the 2-year-old company began branching out into feature film work, and they made the decision to enlarge one of five traditional color suites into a...  More



ProDesk™ Featured on The Daily Show

Cameras Catch Blue Sky Monitors in Edit Bay

One of the Blue Sky ProDesk 5.1 Systems used in the production of Comedy Central's The Daily Show was clearly visible during Episode 2 of Season 15. The skit, which played 8:30 into the show, as originally aired on January 5, 2010.

Watch the entire episode at:



Ninja Theory Connects With Blue Sky Monitors

Mercenary Gaming Audio For The Next Generation

Ninja Theory Ltd. are a UK-based video game development team whose modus operandi is that ‘the next-generation of gaming consoles offer an opportunity to elevate the games experience into one that can rival film and literature and was one of the first development studios to commit exclusively to next-generation consoles.’




Resul Pookutty : Changing Hindi Cinema

From ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ to Big Budget ‘Blue’

Up until about a dozen years ago, the idea and implementation of production sound recording was virtually non-existent in India. As a film school graduate from India’s Film School Institute in 1985—and with inspiration from Spielberg to Lucas—Resul Pookutty aspired to change all that. Riding the wave of the massive...  More



Gregory Allen Launches Apparatic

Gaming Guru’s Austin HQ Gets First SAT 265

When we last caught up with Gregory Allen, the game audio guru was overseeing a large audio team, as Senior Audio Director, at Electronic Arts’ downtown Chicago facility. There, he helped design and gear up nine production, mix and Foley rooms, all equipped with a range of Blue Sky systems....  More



Blue Sky At Center Of Sonic Union

Renowned Mixers Michael Marinelli & Steve Rosen Unite to Open Union Square Post House

A new audio post powerhouse, Sonic Union, soared onto the scene last fall in New York City’s famed Union Square. An alliance of industry veterans, Michael Marinelli (formerly of Buzz/NY) and Steve Rosen(formerly of HSR/NY), Sonic Union’s clientele includes the top advertising agencies such as BBDO, McCann Erickson, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi,...  More


Vienna Symphonic Presents With Blue Sky

NAMM 2009 Presentation Highlight’s Blue Sky Surround System

Vienna Symphonic Library, an innovative, music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria, premiered its long-awaited Vienna MIR reverb software at the 2009 Winter NAMM Show, in daily demonstrations within an intimate, soundproof Presentation Cube. The “Cube” was originally created by Austrian acoustics designer, Peter Willensdorfer of tonachitektur...  More

In a place Studio1

In A Place Productions: Where Vintage Vibe Meets State-Of-The-Art Reality

Post-Production Suite Nestled In A Historical Hollywood Hills House Gears Up For Film/Video Clientele

When cinematographers Salvador Lleo and wife Dominique Martinez decided to convert a small guest house within their turn-of-the-century Hollywood Hills house into a post-production suite, the goal was to maintain the integrity of the vintage architecture while building a state-of-the-art room. The room would serve as the hub for...  More