SYSTEM SELECTOR – Match Your Specific Requirements to the Perfect Blue Sky System

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Film/Video Post – Sat 12/Sub 15, Sat 8/Sub 212, ION and BMC MKIII

Post Production

The product of today's post production mixing environment will be viewed in a wide variety of venues, from iPods to IMAX. As a result, full range surround audio is essential for any production and can be achieved, regardless of room size, with a properly specified Blue Sky system. The combination...  More


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Video Game Creation – Sat 265, Sub 212 & BMC MKIII


With the ever-increasing sophistication of gaming consoles, home computers and affordable surround sound systems, full-range surround audio has become a critical component of the modern video game experience. The new Sat 265/Sub 212 delivers the accuracy and dynamic range that today's "gamer" sound designers, composers and mix professionals demand...  More



Conference Rooms – ION, Sub 12 or Sub 8 MKII

Board Room

Business meeting environments require uniform coverage, high intelligibility and full-range audio reproduction. Such high quality professional sound is easily achieved with ION, in wall/on wall, ceiling monitors. ION's closed box design takes the "guess work" out of the mounting equation allowing the in-wall or overhead acoustics to be eliminated as...  More



Remote Broadcast Truck – Sat 6.5 MKII, Sat 5 MKIII, Sub 8 MKII and BMC MKIII


In mobile broadcast and recording environments, space is always at a premium. At the same time, accurate, full range audio is critical. As such, the ability to mix and match monitors is essential. Sat 6.5 MKll ( left, center, right) and Sat 5 MKlllĀ ( surrounds) combined with Sub 8 MKll...  More


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TV Production | Sat 12 and Sub 15

TV Production

A large percentage of today's home entertainment systems, cable and HDTV service providers feature surround-sound speakers and utilize bass management. In the production studio, it's essential to hear what the audience hears. Whether stereo or surround, the combination of Sat 12/ Sub 15 delivers accurate, full range audio playback for...  More


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Sat 6.5 MKII, Sub 12 and BMC MKIII


The Sat 6.5 MKll / Sub 12 offers the ideal monitoring solution for the music mixing professional. The Sat 6.5 MKll can be mounted on the wall, in front of the mixing console or even on it for a accurate, full range, near-field monitoring that will translate well to any...  More