Group One and Audio Design Labs

Blue Sky International was founded, and is jointly owned by Group One Ltd., and Audio Design Labs Inc.. The company was established by combining the marketing, sales and distribution expertise of Group One Ltd., with the knowledge and experience of Audio Design Lab's award-winning design team.

Group One Ltd., under the...  More




Maximize Performance-to-Cost Ratio

The Blue Sky corporate philosophy is to design each product to represent the highest ratio of performance to cost, and in-turn provide the highest value to their customers. The first incarnation of Blue Sky International's philosophy is the Sky System One, THX Approved, powered monitoring system, which provides full range,...  More



A Better Approach

Blue Sky Creates True Full-Range Monitoring For All Applications

When Blue Sky began, we had a number of meetings to discuss designing a new series of studio monitors. After much debate, we decided there was little point in building another set of “me too” monitors, in the typical 5”, 6” and 8” 2-way configurations. What we felt was needed...  More


The Satellite / Subwoofer Solution

Three-Way Systems For Extended Frequency Range

Think of it as removing the LF source from a conventional 3–way system and playing it back through a separate box (a subwoofer). Although still part of an "integral system", the subwoofer can be placed away from your "mid/hi" speakers to provide the best bass response the room can offer. In...  More


Basics of Bass Management

An Essential Technology Unknown to Many Professionals

As a general rule, bass-management should be used in any professional recording studio that is creating content (stereo or surround) for direct consumer consumption (music, broadcast, radio, DVD etc.) and that is why it is incorporated into all Blue Sky monitoring systems. Bass management (which is used in 90%+ of all...  More


The Truth About Subwoofers

How The Brain Perceives Sound Location

One of the more common concerns we hear, is that because the bass in our systems is being reproduced by a mono subwoofer, the user fears that they may be able to perceive it as a separate, locatable source. This is actually not the case and although this is a...  More


Sealed Vs. Ported

An Expanded Explanation Of Sealed Vs Ported / Bass-Relfex & Passive Radiator Designs

Ported systems (including designs with passive radiators) are 4th order hi-pass systems. They use an acoustic resonator (either a port or a passive radiator) to increase system efficiency, reduce driver excursion and extend the low frequency response of a given speaker. All this is well and good except they also...  More


Demystifying Project Studio Acoustics

Understanding More Than Meets The Ear

Room acoustics is a subject we hear about a lot these days in the project studio business. Dealers talk about it when we visit their stores, studio engineers talk about it when we visit their beautiful designer studios, writers talk about it in their monthly columns, and those brainy guys...  More